Jennifer Garner is the portrait of summertime, posing in her warm weather clothes poolside for Self magazine. We've been missing our cute Garner-Affleck family fix, but it's great to see Jen looking so fresh-faced and happy. The article shares more of her sunshine, as she talks about spending the season with Violet at her beloved farmers markets. Here are highlights:

  • On her favorite season: "What's not to love about summer? I love all the fruit that's available. I love the farmers' market. I love that everybody relaxes a little more. You can feel it in their face and demeanor. People leave work a little earlier."
  • On if the warm weather motivates her to work out: "Of course! You're in a bikini! In the winter, you feel like, Who cares? I'm in my husband's sweater. It doesn't matter. But in May, everybody kicks it into gear."
  • On whether motherhood has affected her vacation style: "Totally. It's all about experiencing fun. A lot of it is having fun through this other person. I just gave Violet's babysitter a week off because I wanted to stay home and be with her and not be available to anyone else, and it was great. She and I loved it. We got to cook and make banana bread together."

Sounds like Jen is ready to jump past Spring and head right into the Summer months. She looks amazing and hearing her talk about getting back into shape is great inspiration to get beach-body ready again.