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Jennifer Goes Hot Pink In Paris

Oct 4 2007 - 7:45am

Jennifer Garner definitely turned a few heads in her hot pink mermaid [1] number at the Paris premiere of The Kingdom [2]. Seriously, between the color of her dress and that huge grin on her face we barely even notice Jamie Foxx standing there next to her. That being said, Jennifer claims she would've been even happier to skip Paris entirely and just hang out in her hometown of Charleston, West Virginia. She said [3],


"I would much rather wake up and go to Taylor Books tomorrow and sit, drink coffee and read the newspaper rather than go to Paris," Garner said in a quick telephone interview that took place while she was riding to the airport. It's just the overall feel of it there. The green's there, the people walking down the street. Anyone that doesn't live there or isn't from there just can't understand it."

Jennifer has always struck us as kind of a homebody, so it doesn't surprise us that she prefers the south to Europe. That being said, she definitely gets points for putting on her happy face and looking fabulous while doing it.

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