Jennifer and John Are All About Sweet Teamwork

Jennifer Aniston flashed a really big grin at John Mayer on the way back to the car after dinner at the Sunset Towers in LA on Wednesday, but John was solo at Katsuya last night. The two seem happier than ever, and it sounds like Jen is lightening up on John talking to the press. At this week's Grammy Nomination concert, John joked on the red carpet about Jen taking all the credit on Oprah for the election night Obama cake the two made together. He said, "She didn’t really give me any credit for that cake . . . I was a good man . . . I shared the process. From mixing to frosting. . . . [she] took all the credit . . . There’s some trouble but we’re getting over it . . . We’re having therapy everyday in Brentwood . . . and we’re figuring this out because that was my time to shine on Oprah.” We know how seriously he takes his baking, but with five more Grammy nods for Mayer, these two will probably have a few more celebratory cakes to bake together.

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