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26 Reasons You and Jennifer Lawrence Would Actually Be BFFs

Nov 8 2015 - 8:20am

Listen, it's no secret that Jennifer Lawrence [1] is Hollywood's resident BFF. It's true, her budding relationship with Amy Schumer [2] has us all overwhelmed, but it's more than just that. She's shown time and time again that she's refreshingly candid and that she'll always make you smile [3] because of it. She's not afraid to tell embarrassing stories [4] at her expense. And, let's face it, she always makes the best faces [5]. But what if Jennifer was your actual BFF? All these reasons prove she's the actual perfect girl for the job and that she would be the best best friend you've ever had.

She Won't Be Afraid to Show Her Affection For You

She Will Absolutely Bring You to the Oscars

She'll Give You Her Coat When You're Cold

She'll Make You Look Perfect and Graceful by Comparison

She'll Give You Mints, Even When You Don't Ask For Them

She'll Always Be Down For Pillow Talk

She Will Be the Best Snapchat Partner. EVER.

Source: YouTube User DP/30 [6]

Like, Literally, the Best.

She'll Happily Help You With Really Laborious Tasks, Like Cleaning and Moving Apartments

Even in Your Craziest Moments, She'll Be Right There With You

She'll Always Be the First to Talk You Up

Source: YouTube user moviemaniacsDE [7]

She'll Only Look Out For Your Best Interests

Source: E! Online [8]

She'll Show Genuine Concern For You and Your Well-Being

Source: E! Online [9]

She'll Be on Your Wavelength, Even Without Saying One Word

She'll Take Shots With You, No Matter What the Circumstances

She'll Show You Nothing but Love and Support

She'll Seize Every Opportunity For a Mini Dance Party

She's Discerning, So You'll Know She Really Cares About You

She'll Permanently Be Down For a Good Selfie

Source: Twitter user TheEllenShow [10]

She Knows How a Celebrity Crush Works

Source: YouTube User DP/30 [11]

She'll Fangirl Just as Hard as You Do

Source: Entertainment Tonight [12]

She'll Never Not Make Mean Girls References With You

Or Quote First Wives Club With You

She Knows What True Heartbreak Is

She'll Teach You How to Handle Haters

And Finally, She'll Forever Be Willing to Eat Your Feelings With You

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