Jennifer Lawrence of Hunger Games Pictures in ASOS Magazine 2011-05-03 12:53:07

Jennifer Lawrence Leaves Her Winning Winter Behind For a Summery ASOS Spread

Jennifer Lawrence Leaves Her Winning Winter Behind For a Summery ASOS Spread

Jennifer Lawrence showed a flash of midriff as the newest covergirl for ASOS Magazine. The 20-year-old actress, who is currently in the running for hottest rising stars in this year's PopSugar 100, has gone from virtual unknown to one of Hollywood's most wanted in the span of just a few months. It's a change she admits she's still adjusting to in the interview that accompanies her California-inspired fashion spread. She talks about being overwhelmed by her near-overnight fame and why she never thought anyone would see Winter's Bone, the film that scored her an Oscar nomination. Jennifer also says she's negotiating public life as it pertains to her relationship with fellow actor Nicholas Hoult. Jennifer is still a Kentucky girl at heart and revealed that she continues to get some of her biggest kicks from joking around with her brothers. Here are some highlights:

  • On getting used to fame: "It doesn't actually feel like my life has changed that much. Although that's not a good thing. I need to realize that people are listening and writing down what I'm saying. It's a weird thing to get used to . . . If I don't sound incredibly grateful, I think I'm just overwhelmed."
  • On Winter's Bone's surprising success: "The fact that the movie people know me for is Winter's Bone, that tiny little movie I fell in love with and would have done anything for . . . I still pinch myself about it. I remember thinking, 'This movie is going to be so beautiful, it's a shame nobody's going to see it.' Fortunately that came back and smacked me in the face."
  • On what makes her smile: "Typos. My brothers and I have this rule that we can't correct our autocorrect on text messages. So for 'Merry Christmas,' I still have one that says 'Merry Mumboree.'"
  • On boyfriend Nicholas Hoult: "People know, but we don't want to talk about it. It's one thing when pictures are out there, but as soon as we start talking about it, then it means everyone else can talk about it, so we don't."

Photos courtesy Benny Horne for ASOS Magazine