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Proof That Jennifer Lawrence Is a Fangirl Just Like You

Aug 15 2014 - 10:14pm

To say we love Jennifer Lawrence is so blatantly obvious that it might as well be a joke. We've devoted countless hours to imagining ourselves as her best friend [1], since time and time again, she's proven to be hilarious and down-to-earth. We've grown to love her in pretty much every role she's been in [2], and our love quickly spread to her offscreen life as well [3]. But there's one standout component of her personality that allows us to relate to her more than anything else: she's really a fangirl at heart, just like us. Keep scrolling to see all the moments she kind of couldn't keep it together in front of other stars.

When She Looked at Anne Hathaway Like This

She actually looked like she was falling in love right in this moment.

When She Literally Ran Away From Jeff Bridges

This is gold. She's like, "I am going to say hello. Here we go. NOPE. BYE."

When She Reacted Like This to Damian Lewis

And Followed It With This Declaration

We can't count how many times we've thrown ourselves against a wall in the presence of a celebrity, so we totally get this.

When She Spoke This Way About Prince Harry

So, basically, she knows exactly how celebrity crushes work.

When She Photobombed Sarah Jessica Parker

The only person who could photobomb SJP and get away with it.

When She Couldn't Get Over Meeting Taylor Swift

How could she be expected to do anything after meeting Taylor?!

When She Came For Taylor Swift, Round Two

That face.

When She Made This Face at Lupita Nyong'o

Pretty much the exact face we'd all make when meeting Lupita. We see no lies here.

When She Flirted With Jack Nicholson

Surprisingly, Jennifer Lawrence contained herself for the entirety of her conversation with Jack. The moment he walked away, though, she lost it.

When She Treated Her Costar Like This

This is exactly what you're supposed to do when your friend and costar is being interviewed.

When She Admitted to Creeping on John Stamos

We really just want to hear John's side of the story.

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