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Jennifer Lawrence Catches Cute Solo Bike Time

Jennifer took a break from her bike ride.

Jennifer Lawrence had a responsible bike-riding moment in Montreal on Tuesday, taking a moment to hop off and walk it while she texted on her phone. Jennifer's customized X-Men: Days of Future Past ride was the perfect way for her to explore the city during downtime from working on the film. The months on set in Canada have not only given Jennifer a Summer away from LA, but they've also brought her back together with boyfriend Nicholas Hoult. Jennifer and Nicholas cuddled, kissed, and sipped Champagne during a park date earlier in the month. Hopefully their relationship will be able to weather another crazy period of worldwide promotion for Jennifer. When they're done shooting X-Men, Jennifer will have to kick back into high red carpet gear. The Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire comes out in November, and her latest David O. Russell film, American Hustle, hits theaters in December.