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Jennifer Love Hewitt - Has She Had a Boobjob??

Jennifer Love Hewitt Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jennifer Love HewittJennifer Love Hewitt

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sdsdsd123 sdsdsd123 5 years
yes i know is good
juse503 juse503 5 years
Definitely did NOT have a boob job. As many have stated before, she's always been large in the chest. Plus check out this Levi's commercial she was in that was never released... It was banned because her chest was bouncing all over the place... fake boobs don't bounce like that.
silvania silvania 5 years
Yes she has had a boob job *guaranteed*. I used to watch a show that she was in when she was younger called a Party of Five all the time in the US (I think that this may have only been famous in the US?) and when the show came back after a very short break I - and my flat mate - nearly fell off the sofa because her boobs were humungous in comparison to her very regular sized chest in the last season - a very noticeable boob job!!! I remember that that it was all everybody talked about for ages....
dump dump 6 years
Not that she needed it, but yes, she did. Easy to find out. Just a one-minute-google and you'll find pics of her in her original state. No doubt she added a handfull (on each side). But again, she didn't need to, if you ask me.
Tomy1234 Tomy1234 7 years
já myslím že to není duležité
Rocket-Bunny Rocket-Bunny 8 years
I dont think so
mustepullo mustepullo 8 years
Don't think so.
Frida2 Frida2 9 years
she's always got big boobs
Bambie Bambie 9 years
I don't think she did, agree with everyone else, she's always been well endowed.
kiwitwist kiwitwist 9 years
she has always had big boobs.. I agree with probably a lift.
bluebirdx bluebirdx 9 years
maybe.....we need a 'before' picture to compare it to an 'after' picture!
pixiechick pixiechick 9 years
Awww Yes I forgot about that!! Hee Hee score one for normal people!!
dd dd 9 years
pixie, I wouldn't be jealous. They look great because they're supported and squished together. On their own, they're already down to her elbows. The tragic side of gravity.
pixiechick pixiechick 9 years
I'm completely jealous if she hasnt had a boob job!! They're perfect (from what I can see)
jaydog jaydog 9 years
I agree with Buggyslice, she's always had huge boobs. That's why her nickname is "Jennifer Juggs".
buggyslice buggyslice 9 years
No I don't think so. She's always been big.
Nux-Vomica Nux-Vomica 9 years
Boobjob or a very good bra. ______________________________________________________ There's and angel at my table and a devil up my sleave With nothing on- Nothing but a smile
Wicked Wicked 9 years
No I don't think so. She has had big boobs for a long while
andaman andaman 9 years
You know that dress pushes her boobs together. I would bet she was wearing chicken fillets insider her bra too to enhance them. NO I don't think she's had the work done. She looks good though.
SapphireDiamond SapphireDiamond 9 years
Of course she had a boob job because in her party of five days her was flat as a table.
fashiongirl17 fashiongirl17 9 years
I think did get a boob job because like ya her chest looks
Fergie-Gallagher Fergie-Gallagher 9 years
yes of course it's just to be more beautiful but i think she don't need it :)
krisua krisua 9 years
But of course. No doubt about it.
BellaCalla BellaCalla 9 years
I don't think so - they've been that big for a real long time - if she did have a boob job it was when she was like 16 or younger 'cause that's when Party of Five started and I think that's pretty unlikely.
chancleta chancleta 9 years
Nah she's always been like that. So maybe she did but it must have been ages upon ages ago.
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