Jennifer Love Hewitt and her cutie fiancé Ross McCall took a momentary break from helping to pose with Santa at the Los Angeles Mission on Christmas Eve. The two were joined by other celebrities (like Spencer Pratt, yay) to help serve food to the homeless. At the event JLH talked about how good it felt to be there. She said, "I mean, it's all about giving back, and I think what I realize as I get older is that Christmas really when you're a kid it is, of course, about presents and it's about Santa Claus and everything, but the gift of knowing that you've touched one of your fellow men and that you've, you know, given something to them is amazing. . . . And I think the greatest thing about our jobs is we're given, because we're on television or because we do those things, we're given the opportunity to speak out about things that we're really passionate about."

Pacific Coast News