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Jenny & Evan Fly In Style

Jenny & Evan Fly In Style

Jenny McCarthy and Evan hopped onto a private plane at the Santa Monica Airport on Sunday afternoon. Jenny looked like a fabulously chic momma alongside her little man and his Crocs, but unfortunately Jim, their Third Amigo wasn't along for the flight. Jenny's been bouncing around promoting her new book and speaking at events about Evan's autism and she recently sat down with Extra to talk about the men in her life. Here's more:

  • On Jim and Evan: “Amazing, he’s a really great guy. I couldn’t have asked for God to bring me a better person in our lives. I think we’ve come into Jim’s life just as wonderfully as he’s come into ours…I do care for him a lot and so does Evan.”
  • On having kids together: "I hate saying the word never, because then the universe goes ‘oh yeah!’ But universe, I choose not to. I’m happy with my beautiful light ball Evan and my cutie boyfriend Jim. I’m done.”
  • On what Jim does for her: "He’s been a preacher of make sure you have plenty of time for yourself and stay healthy...Slowing me down and saying time out for Jenny."

As if I didn't love Jim and Jenny together already, hearing her talk about her boys like that just warms my stone cold heart. Awww. Hopefully at the end of her tour she, Evan and Jim find time to make their way back for a little relaxation on that Hawaiian beach they love so much.








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