We've been big fans of the Jim and Jenny romance ever since they first went public and then again when we saw those adorable pics of their vacation in Rome. While the couple is still happy and going strong, they have no plans to get married - ever. Here's more:

No, we're never getting married, but we're never getting divorced, which is fantastic," the 45-year-old actor says on Tuesday's edition of "Access Hollywood."

"She's just a wonderful lady and much deeper than she's ever received credit for, and I'm very excited about her future," he says of the former Playboy playmate, who got her big break in the mid-`90s as a co-host on MTV's "Singled Out."

When asked whether their relationship would have worked years ago, Carrey says, "No, not at all. I went through a lot of relationships that I believe were meant to define what I don't want in another person and in myself, and it refocused me on what I do want."

As much as we'd love to see what kind of wedding these two comedians would come up with, we'd much rather see their cute courtship make it in the long run. Besides, isn't matching hairdos practically saying you're married in Hollywood? These two definitely have that going on right now. More pics of Jenny with cute Evan Joseph Asher, so just read more