Jenny McCarthy and her main man Evan spent some time getting pizza with his dad John Asher in LA over the weekend. Jenny's opened up to the world recently about her son, her relationship with Jim and how much she wants to educate the world as much as she can about autism. Now, she's talking to her hometown Chicago Tribune on writing the book about Evan's autism and what's next on her agenda. Here's more:

Q: You've said "This is the book I was born to write." How did you write it? Were you journaling at the time?
A: With all of my books, I just sit down and write. It's very much after the fact. I have a photographic memory of events in my life; it's one of the things I'm blessed with for the sole purpose of writing books. The story is imprinted on my soul. It wasn't hard to write.
Q: What's next on your schedule?
A: I want to start the mommy autism learning tour across the country. I want to find locations, charge next to nothing and come talk to moms to teach them everything I learned. I'll bring doctors with me.
Q: Is "cute guy" in the book (boyfriend) Jim Carrey?
A: Yes.

The book sounds like heavy stuff, but knowing Jenny she always finds a way to make people smile. Hopefully, all this work she's been doing is helpful to lots of moms out there who are going through similar experiences. Sometimes it's hard to imagine that this is the same woman who made her name on Singled Out.