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Jess Hoping to Score Tickets to Sold Out Mayer Concert

Jessica (and Daisy!) arrived in New York yesterday afternoon, I assume to catch their main squeeze John Mayer's Sold Out (nice) Madison Square Garden show last night. I know I get a little gushy about J-Simp these days, but she's just looking so healthy and youthful and happy, really happy. It warms the heart of my reality TV naive younger self who fell in love with her during season one of The Newlyweds, despite her annoying idiocy. Let's (okay, I will, you do whatever you want) just hope that she continues on this positive life path that happens to coincide with her relationship with Mayer but should not only be attributed to him because I really, really believe* she's grown up on her own, too!

*Yes, I may be delusional.





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