Jessica Alba stopped by Letterman last night and Regis and Kelly this morning to help promote The Eye but really more so to talk about the upcoming new addition to her life. Jessica was decked out in all red for Dave, which must be her favorite color to wear these days. She was quick to divulge that she maybe probably knows the sex of the baby but isn't about to tell the world. She looked gorgeous, glowy, and healthy deflecting Dave's typical jabs asking what Cash does for a living and hinting at their semirecent breakup. Silly, silly. The clip they showed of the movie started out with a shower scene, but Alba reminded everyone that the blurred out butt wasn't really hers; it belongs to her body double (and friend). Alba's not that kind of girl, after all. Jessica's known to have a bit of an attitude in interviews, but maybe these days she's softened up a bit? Check the video of her on Letterman after the jump — warming up to Alba?

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Source and Pacific Coast News