Jessica Biel Crushes on Her Leading Men

Jessica was caught at JFK looking pretty fresh faced considering she has no make-up on. She's recently been promoting her new film Next with Nic Cage. In the sci-fi thriller Nic plays her love interest. She recently told eXtra about having a crush on him as well as her favorite on screen kissing co-stars. Here's more:

  • On Nic:
    “My mother said to me,'Do you remember that you were in love with him when you were thirteen?' So I’ve had this mini crush on him for a long time.”
  • On her favorite on screen kisser:
    “On my God, let’s see… It might be a tie between Nic, Ed Norton and Adam Sandler… they’re all very good kissers.”
  • Well, it looks like Jessica is doing pretty well for herself in the leading man department (and in her personal life as well). We're betting kissing JT is pretty amazing also. To check out a preview of Next and the trailer just click here.