Jessica & Cash Are Not Asunder While Down Under

Jessica & Cash Are Not Asunder While Down Under

Even though Cash wasn't on Jessica's arm at the Sydney preview screening of Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer, it's nice to see that he did accompany his lady on the trip. As much as things might be rough for these two recently (at least if the rumors are to be believed), they look pretty sweet hanging out here. These two used to irk me (hey, she seemed like she had attitude), but for some reason seeing these photos I'm kind of warming up. You know what they say -- the couple that has matching sunglasses together, stays together. Ooooor something. I gotta believe that the Fantastic Four press bender is just getting underway, so Jessica will have to start answering lots of questions very soon. First up (from me): How does she always look so cute?

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