While she's not the star of the film, I must say that fresh off her morning of charity Rachel Bilson stole the show in her strapless blue and white dress at last night's Manhattan premiere of the thriller Awake. She was out to support her boy, Hayden, who is in the movie alongside Jessica Alba, who herself was dateless. Sadly it looks like R-Bils and Hayden are taking their cues from the Affleck-Garners and didn't do the red carpet thing. Hopefully, they won't keep it up when they have their own movie, Jumper to promote. Awake looks a little intense for my Thanksgiving tastes (eesh being awake during surgery and not able to tell your doctor, who is actually trying to kill you), but hopefully it's a hit for Jessica and Hayden. Judging from their red carpet smiles, at least it looks like they must have had fun together making it.

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Images include Rachel Bilson, Georgina Chapman, Hayden Christensen, Jessica Alba, Lena Olin, Fisher Stevens, Joby Harold.