Beyonce may have played host at the People party last night after the Grammys, but she didn't call it a night at that event. After her duties were over, she headed off to the Sony/BMG party to meet up with non-Grammy winners the Simpson Sisters, and Grammy winners the Dixie Chicks, John Legend and Carrie Underwood. (Someday Simpsons, someday.) The red carpet is all well and good, but the real excitement came inside the party in the form of a little photoshoot displaying a certain new couple (hint: it's Jessica and John Mayer...and they look amazing).

Right, so when John stumped the world (you know, other than those who speak Japanese, and btw, I'd like to know if he was saying everything correctly) on the red carpet, with his "you'll be the last to know" bit he actually meant "you'll all know in a couple of hours." Nice.

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