While it's pretty cute that Jessica is suffering through life on the road staying in luxury hotels across Florida every night to follow her man, John Mayer, on tour, the most recent report of her time as a groupie left me a little bit disturbed. Here's more:

"She was rocking out the whole time," says one concertgoer. "She only seemed to know the words to his older songs though, because she sang along to 'Your Body is a Wonderland' and his older hits."

With a camera in hand, Simpson – who took in the show from the sound and lighting area alongside stylist Ken Paves, Billy Joel and his wife, Katie Lee Joel – snapped photos of herself and Paves, Mayer and the crowd.

"She was dancing like she was a real fan, and a lot of the crowd had their eyes on her the whole time," says the observer.

Cough. She was "rocking out the whole time?" Uh, has she actually heard John Mayer's music? Your Body is a Wonderland isn't exactly flash your boobs/wave a lighter in the air/crowd surfing kind of stuff. Eh, to be fair, for Jess with John any kind of music may be boob-flash worthy.

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