Jessica Simpson Pregnant Pictures Shopping at Bergdorf Goodman

Jessica Simpson Overcomes Her "Short Girl Problems" at NYC's Chicest Store

Jessica Simpson went out shopping in NYC.

Jessica Simpson kept her cape on to shop in NYC last night. She joined her mom, Tina, and sister, Ashlee, for an outing to Bergdorf Goodman following a day of meetings. Ashlee brought her young son, Bronx, along on the trip to the Big Apple, so that she and Jessica could put the finishing touches on their Jessica Simpson Collection line for tweens. Despite the long hours and late retail therapy, Jessica still had time for her private moments. Yesterday she tweeted a picture of her "short girl problems," which include not being able to have her feet touch the floor while sitting on the toilet. One thing that doesn't seem to be an issue for Jessica these days is all the speculation over her baby bump. The Jessica Simpson pregnancy rumors have reached a fever pitch, since photos came out of her looking curvier that usual, but it seems that she's sticking to silence when it comes to addressing the topic.