Jessica Alba got pulled over this week and somehow wasn't able to charm her way out of a ticket. Maybe all this "I'm not sexy" that she wants us to believe is starting to be recognized. In this month's In Style, Alba says she's a rebel who's more of a dork than the perceived sex pot. Here's more:

  • On her rebellious streak:
    "I love challenging authority," she says. "It probably wasn't easy being my parents. The second somebody says no to me is the second I'm going to jump up and say yes."
  • On not being sexy:
    "People think of me as just a sexy girl," the self-described "dork," says, "but I'm really goofy – like, super goofy."

I'm not so sure I understand why she keeps stressing she wants people to "get past her hotness" but then she keeps posing for magazines in her underwear. The girl looks great - even in sweats.

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