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Jim Carrey on Oprah

Jim Carrey Is Heaven, With a Little Help From Jenny

We've always commended Jim and Jenny for their matchy-matchy hairstyles, but they've changed up their looks and covered up those locks with helmets for a ride around LA this weekend. Jenny looks pretty adorable holding on tight on the back of Jim's bike, but it was Jim who got cute about his lady when he stopped by Oprah last week (the episode aired yesterday). The episode was shot on Valentine's Day, and Jim wasn't shy talking about Jenny, and the other loves in his life. Here are highlights:

  • Jim's personal creed: "I am heaven...Just remember you're heaven. That heaven is not a place to get to or wait for or spend your life in a mind hoping it will be someday. Have it now, you know?"
  • On his plans while in Jenny's hometown of Chicago: "We're just going to go everywhere she ever existed. That's what we've been doing so far. We'll continue to do that. You know, where she had her first kiss and travel around and see all those places that were near and dear to her—and I'm going to put my scent all over them so it will never be the same for her."

To hear what Jim has to say about Jenny, his 20-year-old daughter Jane and his connection with Jenny's son Evan just read more

  • On why it works with Jenny: "I think what happens is you go along and you try a lot of different things in relationships and different people and you realize that you're not going to attract the person what's right for you until you become a whole person yourself. It's really not about completing someone or being completed by someone. She's wonderful and I'm very in love, but I'm not going to jump up and down on your couch. That's dangerous. I'm jumping up and down inside, though."
  • On his daughter Jane: "She's incredibly talented. She's a jazz musician and singer/songwriter, and she's just going to really surprise a lot of people. … I sit there, and I just marvel at her."
  • On Jenny calling him "the autism whisperer": "[That] is a huge compliment. I think it's just because I'm interested, you know? I really want to find out how his mind works."

Jim has gone through some dark periods in the past, but we're glad to hear that he seems really happy with his life right now. Also love that he comments on the couch jumping but don't forget he was one of the first to back Tom Cruise up. Now if only we can get him to do more comedies again.




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