Jim Carrey, Jenny McCarthy and little Evan were front and center in Washington, DC today for the Green Our Vaccines march. The loving couple and their adorable boy were out to support the cause which campaigns for further research into possible correlations between vaccines and autism, something near to their hearts since Evan was diagnosed with the developmental disorder. At the rally Jim spoke:

  • On Evan: "He taught me how to love. And without Evan I might never have seen the greatness of Jenny's spirit."
  • On the cause: "Jenny's friends would kind of hint around and say, 'Hey, it would be kind of cool if you got involved in this,' and I thought to myself, 'This is just so inevitable. This just can't not happen. If you care about the planet and about children, you have to."

I love to hear Jim open up about what Jenny and Evan have taught him and it just melts my heart to see them all together.

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