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Jim Carrey Upgrades from Bowl Cut to Flowy Hair

Jim Carrey and his luxurious hair (Seriously. Fabulous.) were out and about in Santa Monica this weekend while promoting his film The Number 23. Though Jim has been catching some flack from the media (read: being called crazy often), he seems more grounded than ever (and the hair! The hair!) in his relationship with Jenny McCarthy. Here's more:

"I feel that our relationship happened at a time that I am more ready than I have ever been in my life to have a relationship."

He continued, "We also encourage each other. We're both on the same path, so it's really – real."

Fine, even though Jenny McCarthy was slightly annoying on Singled Out, it's pretty freaking adorable how in love she and Jim are now. But if she breaks his heart...

For more of Jim (and really, can't get over the 'do) just read more





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