Jimmy Fallon in Men's Health Magazine March 2014

Jimmy Fallon Interviews Himself For Men's Health

Jimmy Fallon Interviews Himself For Men's Health

Jimmy Fallon is in the spotlight for Men's Health's March issue, which hits newsstands on Feb. 4. The funny guy looks laid-back in a t-shirt and jeans on the cover, and in the accompanying article, Jimmy actually interviewed himself, sharing his advice on making women laugh and landing your dream job. He's obviously got some experience with both matters, as he's been cracking us up since his days on Saturday Night Live and is about to take over for Jay Leno on The Tonight Show next month. Jimmy also opened up about the "true happiness" he feels for his baby daughter, Winnie, and how his "History of Rap" bits with Justin Timberlake help keep him in shape. Keep reading to see what happens when Jimmy Fallon grills Jimmy Fallon!

So you never daydreamed about hosting The Tonight Show as a kid?
"Not really. The Tonight Show didn't seem like an actual job that you could have. All you remember is watching Johnny Carson and thinking he would never retire. You thought he would live forever. So there was no way for that to be a dream of mine. You don't think The Tonight Show is risk-free, especially since you saw what happened with your buddy Conan O'Brien. There is always a plan B."

You've had your share of workouts on Late Night. There's the "History of Rap" bit we do with Justin Timberlake. We have to be at least in semigood shape to pull off all that dancing.
"Well, it didn't come naturally. I remember watching Soulja Boy on YouTube over and over again to prepare for it. For the first one, I was up all night in my kitchen practicing the dance because I knew I had to dance with Timberlake, and that guy can dance. And you, Jimmy Fallon, cannot dance."

Source: Men's Health