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Joe Francis Thinks Paris Has Skills, Tara Not So Much

As if you didn't think Joe Francis was sleazy before, this week has really been the icing on the cake, eh? First, Paris Exposed showed the Girls Gone Wild founder cavorting with, groping, and generally acting skeevy with Paris. Then, we got a lovely little glimpse into his illicit activities with the underage set. Apparently he didn't think this was all stomach-turning enough, because this morning Joe Francis went on the Howard Stern show to talk about his celebrity conquests. TMZ has the audio, but here's a rundown:

  • Paris is better at Oral Sex than Lindsay (but he backtracks and says he and Linds are just friends).
  • Paris is the best in bed out of all his celebrity conquests.
  • Paris was at her best in the ParisExposed era.
  • Tara Reid is bad in bed, maybe because she just lays there, maybe because she's the only one he used protection with [ed note: head in hands, sick].
  • Did he mention that Paris is the best at everything?
  • The interview sounds a little unnecessarily and suspiciously glowing about Paris' sexual prowess. Methinks said starlet may have asked Mr. Joe Francis if he would skew his stories in a certain direction. Hey, if she's not going to be able to get rid of the Paris Exposed information, at least she wants to get good reviews.

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