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Joey & The Donald

Joey & The Donald

I finally watched Joey and The Apprentice - Donald's version. I as much as The OC is the #1 place to be at 8 on Thursdays, I am still hoping Joey Tribbiani makes it. Friends was one of my favorite shows and I hate to think a spin-off can't work. Frasier lasted for years - why can't Joey? The ratings bombed dues to stiff competition with Survivor, Everybody Hates Chris and The OC - maybe Tuesday night would be better for Joey? Let's hope now that Joey has landed a Jerry Bruckheimer movie - something real deal in Hollywood - maybe things will get better for him and the show. I'm just not sure about his love interest/next-door neighbor, Alex. She's cute, but not someone you would think Joey would end up with.

Donald's Apprentice was the same show, different contestants. Once again there is an attractive group with some seriously annoying and cocky individuals in the crowd. So long Melissa - I don't think anyone is gonna miss you. The scenes showed Carolyn taking over for Donald in the board room. I would love to see her get really nasty.


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