John and Jess may have arrived at last night's Costume Institute Gala with their respective dates -- John with Roberta Armani, Jess with Roberto Cavalli -- but the happy couple met up inside and were sure to leave the party hand in hand. While on the red carpet, Jessica's dress and super tan were a bit severe, to say the least, but something about her in a candid setting seems a bit more toned down appropriate. I mean, still in your face sexy, but better? Maybe I'm crazy, though. Mostly, I just love seeing these two together. Also, can we talk a minute about how hot John Mayer looks? I've said it before, but what a difference a haircut makes -- Edward Scissorhands era Johnny Depp much?

So maybe Jess wasn't the best dressed there, who do you think was? To see more of John and Jess in a dress that probably weighs like 50 lbs just read more