John Krasinski Has Lunch With Rashida Jones

John Krasinski Thought He Was Being Punk'd by Clooney

John Krasinski stepped out to lunch with his "very good friend" Rashida Jones in LA yesterday. We've been missing John's big smile at all the promotional events for Leatherheads this week, but hopefully he'll be joining his co-stars for the big red carpet premieres soon. In the meantime, he's still showing a huge amount of gratitude for the role, talking about how lucky he feels, and how he thought Clooney was just playing a joke on him. Here are highlights from his interview with USA Today:

  • On starting Leatherheads: "It sounds crazy, but for like the first week, I thought he was pranking me," Krasinski says. "The first weekend we didn't shoot. I just came down and got my hair cut. I got introduced to the crew and we all had sandwiches. And I thought, 'He will go down in history for convincing a kid that he got his big break and then coming out and being like, nope.' I'll go down in history as the kid who was used in that George Clooney prank, where he faked a movie. He would do that."
  • On how George is a personal role model "It's crazy that someone that high up, at the top of their game, can be such a nice person. So that's what I strive for. I strive to be someone who's allowed to do incredible roles but always keeps in mind how much fun it is and how important it is to everybody that it's like a family affair."

To see what else John had to say about what he does for fun and his female fan base, just read more.

  • On staying away from the party scene: "I usually come home from work, immediately call my four good friends out there, close friends that are in the proximity, and all we do is sit around and talk and have a glass of wine and listen to new music. It's extremely fun. It keeps you interested in what's going on. I don't go out — ever. I'm lucky enough to have awesome friends, and we always end up at someone's house. We're big house-party guys."
  • On how he doesn't get much attention from female fans: "You might want to put out a memo. People come up and say they love the show, but it's never a pass at me. Either that, or I'm totally oblivious. OK, now I'm worried that someone totally made a pass at me and I didn't realize it. People aren't throwing themselves at me, but I also don't go out very much. Like when I do go out, it's for breakfast, so it's a little hard to throw yourself at me during breakfast."

John is pretty humble in addition to being cute and talented, but something tells us there are plenty of women out there who wouldn't mind spending some time with him. Plus, if The Office couldn't make him a ladies' man, maybe his new movie will help make his love life a little more interesting.