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John Mayer Celebrates 30 With (Drunk) Friends

John Mayer rang in his 30th b-day at Butter in NYC last night alongside his friends Sherrod Small and Justin Long. Absent from the festivities were John's recent workout partner/lady friend Minka Kelly* and Justin's recent makeout partner/lady friend Drew. At 30, John is looking better than ever, which goes hand in hand with his recent popularity on the gossip scene. According to his blog, this is starting to affect his music — leading him to take a different approach towards getting new material out there. He plans on performing small, impromptu, acoustic gigs (starting with last weekend in NYC). In his words:

I'm going to return to that firefight, taking small late night gigs around New York City and Los Angeles, writing songs and playing them when they're still fresh. The date of the gig is my self-imposed finish line and I will play a new song with each set I perform.

Last night I played a set at Mercury Lounge, where I tested a new song called "Let a Man Be Lost", and it was amazing to be back in that place of staring at my feet to read lyrics that I wrote that afternoon.

To read more from John, and see what he says about his new material being about certain, high profile ex girlfriends just read more

One of the side-effects of this process is that these works-in-progress will probably be available to you in one way or another. It's your decision to listen to them if you like but it's my decision to rework them, strip them down to just their title and re-write from the ground up, or just burn them down completely, never to play them again.

I'm also ready to accept the fact that some people will try and read into the lyrics and make gossip out of them, but I can't worry about that. Trying to avoid that would be the worst thing for my songwriting. I won't let the success I've had make me comfortable, or the media exposure make me fearful of expressing myself.

Aww, come on John, reading into lyrics is half the fun! In any event, stumbling across an unexpected John Mayer concert would make for an interesting evening to be sure. Gotta respect his honest commitment both to his fans and his work. And, of course, having fun with it all.

* Whose absence could be explained since she was busy auditioning for the Justice League movie in LA.





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