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John Mayer Deserves His Own Post

See, a year ago I wouldn't have posted pictures of John Mayer all on his own. A year ago as far as I knew John Mayer was a dude who sang some semi-cheesy songs and who I saw semi-frequently at the gym in Soho (random, true story). But now, now I feel like I know John Mayer. He's influential! He deserves Grammys! He makes Jessica Simpson happy! I'm inordinately excited that he got Sally Hershberger to give him a fancy new haircut! I've come a long way in my affection for John Mayer in a year. And now, here he is having his own post, just about him looking kinda cute. Golf claps.

john_mayer_070510_01 copy

john_mayer_070510_04 copy



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