John Mayer Leaving Butter in NYC

John Mayer Is LoveStoned by Justin Timberlake

John Mayer looked a little lonesome leaving Butter last night without Minka by his side, even though he's proved he can party it up all by himself. We all know that John is much more than a party animal — he's also a blogger (and a musician of course). In his latest entry, John tells us what pop music we should be listening to, highlighting our old friend Justin Timberlake. Here's what John had to say about JT's "LoveStoned":

Justin Timberlake — Not so much for the "Lovestoned" part, but for the 45 seconds of ultimate sonic bliss that is "I Think She Knows." It's JT's breakthrough moment as an artist; a novel mix of Coldplay guitar lines, hip hop beats, and a vocal approach somewhere in between. When that track comes on I spend the first 3:30 preparing for the awesomeness to come. Then I yell at the speakers, "Make this 4 minutes long and put it on the next disc!"

Most of you prefer Justin's uptempo tracks, but it sounds like John is disagreeing with you. Considering how much JT loves his collaborations, maybe he and John will team up to treat us to the ultimate love ballad someday.






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