After his performance at the Grammys and showing off his chiseled cheekbones at the after parties, John Mayer was back to work in the recording studio in LA yesterday. He is looking a little less done up here and a little more hot — but of course a guitar in hand (even in its case) always helps. Mr. Mayer recently talked about his active search for the one, but it's obvious that whoever the lucky lady ends up being, she'll have to deal with his eccentricities. He said, “The thread is unbroken in my life as to the difficulty of being who I am. I’ve always had a relationship with being different. But the world needs me to be wacky, I need me to be wacky, I need me to stay wacky, and I’m never going to apologize for being wacky.” Yes, it's true, he's an odd bird but there's something delightful about it. Those soulful eyes don't hurt either.

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