Johnny Depp Speaking at the Oxford Union Pictures

Johnny Depp Thrills Oxford Students With His Latest Rum Diary Press Stop!

Johnny Depp posed outside the Oxford Union.

Johnny Depp was in a hat, sunglasses, and plenty of necklaces yesterday to pose outside the Oxford Union in England. The private debate club was one of many stops on Johnny's UK press tour for The Rum Diary, and members were eager to hear what the actor had to say. Organizers raffled off tickets to hear Johnny speak after demand far exceeded the 500-seat capacity of the theater! Johnny also spoke to the London paper The Guardian about his new movie, friendship with author Hunter S. Thompson, and love for Europe. Johnny admitted to really not disliking anything about European ways of life. He said, "It's a very old and beautiful culture, people know how to live. You know, [in London] you have Sunday roast or the pub lunch, that kind of thing. It's comforting. We don't have that in our culture in the States. Sunday is football day, so it's chicken wings and pizza."