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Why JTT Was and Always Will Be the Best Teen Heartthrob

Sep 8 2014 - 3:15pm

JTT first hit the Hollywood scene in the early '90s, and he quickly became the king of pinups as one of the most popular teen heartthrobs. He famously voiced young Simba [1] in The Lion King, and in Disney movies like Man of the House and Tom and Huck, JTT showed off his sweet charm. Along with his popular role on Home Improvement, he later had fans swooning with appearances on other TV shows like Smallville and 8 Simple Rules. To celebrate JTT fandom in all its pinup glory, take a look at reasons why the 33-year-old actor was — and always will be — the best of the best teen heartthrobs!

First of All, He Had This Sweet Face

And the World's Most Perfect '90s Bowl Cut

Let's Not Forget His Crazy-Cute Grin

Shout-Out to His Spiky Hair Days, Too

He Flawlessly Paired Overalls With (Only) a Peace-Sign Necklace

And He Wasn't Afraid to Pose With a Creepy Pinocchio Puppet

JTT Learned to Smirk Like a Pro Early On

He Totally Owned the Middle-Child Role

And Proudly Showed Off His Stuffed Animals

He Could Flex With the Best of Them

And He Understood the Power of Matching Outfits

Plus the Power of Sweater Vests

Meanwhile, Nobody Rocked Flannel Like JTT

He Layered It Like a Pro

See? Nailed It

Denim Was Also His Friend

Just Look at These Oh-So-'90s Jeans

And Don't Forget These Awesome Dr. Martens

Plus, He Managed to Make a Wonder Bread Shirt Look Cool

Bonus Points For His Adorable Got Milk? Ad

On Screen, JTT Made Us Laugh

And Gave the Most Aww-Worthy Performances

He Played a Great Tom Sawyer, Hay Biting and All

Even Rachael Leigh Cook Wasn't Immune to His Charms

He Was Just Effortlessly, Casually Cool

Yep, JTT Was a Man of Many Talents

He Could Play (or at Least Pretend to Play) Basketball

And Baseball

He Also Posed With Boxing Gear

And Rollerblades

And a Snowboard

Play the Trumpet? No Problem

Play the Bongos? JTT Could Do That, Too

When He Wasn't Being Sporty, JTT Was Superslick

He Knew How to Sport a Suit

Bow Ties and All

There Was Also This Long Trench Look

Plus This Incredible Printed Sweater

JTT's Love For Animals Added to His Charm

He Posed With Them Regularly

Even on the Red Carpet

It Wasn't Just Dogs, Either — He Liked Baby Deer, Too

JTT Also Befriended Fellow Heartthrobs, Like Devon Sawa

And Andrew Keegan

Over the Years, He Just Kept Getting Cuter

Like, Really Cute

Not Even a Santa Suit Could Hide His Heartthrob Appeal

Neither Could These Tinted Glasses

JTT Was the King of Pinups

There Was This James Dean-Like Photo Shoot

And This Beach Photo Shoot

And This Artsy One, Too

He Embraced the Yearbook-Photo Pose

And the Bended-Knee Pose

And Another Bended-Knee Pose

He Even Posed With Signed Shoes

But Nothing Could Distract From This Smolder

Not Even This Squatting Pillar Situation

Bottom Line: HE WAS SIMBA

Trump Card!

JTT 4ever.

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