The cast of Las Vegas got together in — where else? — Vegas last night to celebrate the one hundredth episode of their show. Co-stars Josh Duhamel and Molly Sims got cozy with the city as the backdrop. Josh's new fiancée Fergie wasn't by his side, but the big day was definitely on his mind. He said, "We don't know how big, how small, where it's going to be. . . . We don't know anything! We're going to decide over the next couple weeks. . . . I'm very excited. . . . We're both very excited." I guess that makes two of them who are giddy about their big day, which Josh also revealed would be "soon." Sounds like we won't have to wait too long to see what Fergie Ferg decides to wear as she struts her stuff down the aisle towards hot Josh.

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Images include: James Lesure, Camille Guaty, Josh Duhamel, Molly Sims, Kim Newton, Mayor Goodman, George Maloof.

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