Josh Duhamel and Fergie Are Having a Boy: Report

Fergie Takes On NYC as Josh Hints at Having a Baby Boy

Fergie left a building in NYC.

Fergie bundled up against the chill while leaving a building in NYC yesterday. The mom-to-be has remained quiet on details about her unborn child, but her husband, Josh Duhamel, may have spilled the beans about the baby's gender in an interview when he referred to a boy as he talked about childproofing earlier this week. He said, "You know your kid is going to get — he's going to fall and bump his head. And he's going to do all of those things. But that to me is going to be the hardest thing." Fergie made her own appearance on Good Morning America yesterday, but she was careful to avoid talking about the baby's sex. In addition to preparing for their first child, Josh will be hosting the Kids' Choice Awards tomorrow.


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