Josh Tells Tales Of Toys And Aunties

Josh Duhamel stopped by the Today Show in NYC yesterday to promote Transformers and sign some autographs. Even without Fergie and his cute co-stars, Josh was as adorable as ever as he dished about his summer plans, his new movie and his personal heroes. Here's more:

Q: What was the coolest part of working on "Transformers" for you?

Josh: I would say just all the stuff - all the toys that Michael Bay has on the movie set are unbelievable. Just getting to watch all the explosions and all the cool little movie carts with the cameras attached and just - it's just a circus, it's amazing.

Q: Who are your role models?

Josh: One of my biggest role models also is my Auntie Barb who's done more in her life than anybody that I know. She's been a nurse, and she's been part of the National Guard for thirty years now. She's been over to Kosovo and Bosnia and now she's going to Iraq and she just finished law school and she's an RN and she's amazing. So I guess she's the kind of person that if I want to make anyone proud, it's her.

We love how sweet and down-to-earth Josh seems in real life - it's no wonder he's one of Buzz's Boys of Summer! We can't wait to see Josh go to battle with the Transformers in a few weeks.


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