Joshua Jackson Talks on a Cell Phone on Fringe Pictures

Joshua Jackson Focuses on Fringe and a Phone Call

Joshua Jackson on the set of Fringe in Vancouver.

Joshua Jackson was on the set of Fringe yesterday in Vancouver, where he was seen chatting on a cell phone for a scene. Fringe's fourth-season premiere aired on Sept. 23, and he's been at work taping upcoming episodes of the sci-fi series since late August. Joshua's girlfriend, Diane Kruger, has spent some time with him up North, though the couple is used to making their long-distance romance work. They often travel together when they both have time off and are frequent fixtures on the fashion circuit, but neither of them has been in attendance for Paris Fashion Week, which wraps up today. Diane did make a solo trip to Europe at the start of September for the Venice Film Festival while Joshua devoted himself to his TV duties. The actress attended The Ides of March premiere, where she stole the spotlight in a showstopping Elie Saab gown, and was also one of several celebrities at the festival's opening dinner.