Jude Law Messes Up His Kid Count — Slipup or Serious Offense? 2009-12-18 12:00:00

Jude Law Misanswers How Many Kids He Has — Innocent Slipup or Serious Offense?

Jude Law hit The Late Show last night to talk about Sherlock Holmes. He's in the middle of a press blitz to promote the film, which included premieres in both London and NYC. As if his schedule wasn't busy enough, he's also spending his free time romancing Sienna Miller with Central Park carriage rides. So he was understandably a little tired during his chat with Dave, which included Jude making the misstatement that he has three kids. He welcomed his fourth, daughter Sophia, earlier this year to a slight scandal, and apparently still hasn't met her. It was either a fatigued oversight or an unkind statement, so tell us what you think — was Jude's saying he has three kids an innocent slipup or a serious offense?

Source: INFphoto.com