Julia was snapped taking Phinnaeus and Hazel aboard a private jet with their nanny the other day. The kids are so cute and Hazel totally has her profile. As if the actress doesn't have her hands full already, she'll soon have another little one to take along with her on trips as well. She'll probably have to hire more help, especially with the next few films she's working on.

Her latest is Charlie Wilson's War, which is based on the book by George Crile. The film stars Tom Hanks as Charlie Wilson, a fast-talking Texas congressman who manipulates the government into helping Afghan rebels fight the Soviets in the 80s. Julia plays a Texas socialite named Joanne Herring who is involved with the plan as well. Phillip Seymour Hoffman will bring his awesome acting skills to the movie too. The film doesn't come out until December, but it's just in time for Julia to be eligible for the Oscars! For more pics including Julia's husband, Danny kissing his family goodbye just read more