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Just How Much Do You Love Justin?

Justin Timberlake put on his best plaid pants and serious face and headed to a golf course in Miami on Tuesday. Now that he's finished helping plug Madonna's new album and filming his movie, JT's got a bit of down time to relax. He deserves a break after his long year of hard work, and we can't wait to see if it pays off next month when we release our annual PopSugar 100 list. Last year Justin came in at No. 12, but with a little luck (and your votes!) he just might crack the top ten. In order to help move the needle, make sure to check out JT's profile page and become a fan and vote on his 5 factors: likability, talent, looks, class and style (which he exudes in those golf pants). Then stay tuned to see where he lands on the 2nd Annual PopSugar 100!



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