Justin Talks About His Old Flames

Justin flashed a smile and gave a wave to the cameras who caught him outside his hotel in Germany. JT is super busy lately juggling both his European tour and catching up with Cameron at the many Shrek the Third premieres. He's even managed to squeeze in an interview or two somehow in between. The Daily Mail interviewed him while in Manchester and Justin revealed a little about his famous exes, Britney and Cameron. Here's more:

  • On whether the media pressure played a part on his break-up with Cameron:
    "Well, when you have those two variables [he means big stars] it creates a lot of hype.

    "And people love hype, but I just find that with your friends or spouse or loved one, if they look at it the same way you do, they don't buy into it, and that definitely helps."

  • On Britney:
    "It all starts with the songs. The truth of it is, she had catchy songs. If she had catchy songs again, I don't think anybody would be chastising her as much as they are.

    "It's been this way for me as well. It's why everyone made such a big deal out of me talking about drugs – where we come from, it's the stereotype.

    "You seem like you might be PG-rated forever, and that's not the case. I was never PG-rated."

Oh JT, how you forget those Nsync days when I would say you came across as pretty PG rated.








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