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Justin Timberlake Steals the Show at the VMAs

Justin Timberlake Steals the Show at the VMAs

Justin Timberlake took the VMAs and Brooklyn by storm tonight — he won four awards, including the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, and rocked his way through an epic performance with the help of an *NSYNC reunion. Of course, Justin was the man of the evening, stealing moments with everyone from Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Taylor Swift to Macklemore. As for the reunion, Justin had stayed mum about the much-anticipated moment, but there was other evidence indicating that it would happen. *NSYNC mysteriously appeared on Twitter over the weekend, and former member Lance Bass vaguely shut down the speculation earlier in the week on his SiriusXM radio show.

In honor of Justin's huge night, we're giving him a pat on the back — along with the many other celebrities who congratulated him throughout the evening. Check out the gallery for the glorious pictures of Justin with various friends and colleagues, dancing his way through his performance, and cradling all of his much-deserved Moonmen.

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