The Kardashians Vacationing at Joe Francis's House in Mexico

This Isn't the First Time the Kardashians Have Stayed at Joe Francis's Casa

Kim and Kanye waded into the water. 

Source: Casa Aramara

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are currently spending their second honeymoon at Joe Francis's Punta Mita compound — but it's not the first time they've visited the luxurious Casa Aramara (who can forget that hilariously sad zip-lining adventure?). In fact, all the Kardashians are pretty much regulars on the beach and in the pool at the sunny Mexican spot, as evidenced by all the photos on the Casa Aramara website. Kourtney even describes it as her "favorite place to visit in the entire world," which isn't surprising given the endless amenities and activities (sea-lion encounter, anyone?). Keep reading to see all the Kardashian fun!

Source: Casa Aramara