Kate Beckinsale, Lily Sheen, and Len Wiseman at LAX Pictures

Kate Beckinsale Has Lily and Len Along For a Family Trip

Kate Beckinsale and Lily Sheen held hands.

Kate Beckinsale held hands with her daughter, Lily Sheen, as they caught a flight with Kate's husband, Len Wiseman, yesterday. Len and Kate took a romantic vacation of their own back in October when they headed to Mexico, and this time around, had Lily by their sides as they left LAX. Kate and Len have been back on the West Coast recently after spending much of their Summer and early Fall in Toronto together for work, filming the remake of Total Recall along with Jessica Biel, Colin Farrell, and others. That film is expected to hit theaters in the Summer, but before that, Kate will return to the big screen in the Underworld franchise. Underworld: Awakening is hitting theaters in just a few short weeks on Jan. 20. Meanwhile, the actress and her family are taking advantage of the holiday lull to head out of town. Safe travels to the trio!


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