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Kate Braves the Cold, but Has Her Shopping Sent to Her

Kate Hudson looked perfectly content in the blustery NY snow, grabbing her small Starbucks on a walk around the city. Sure, the first few snowfalls are beautiful and fun, but methinks she won't have any smile on her face come a blizzard in March. At least she's wised up about those brrrrr-bare legs. Kate Hudson manages to make that hat look cute, but she's a lucky one who looks good in pretty much everything. At her special D&G viewing the other day Kate said that she isn't even much for shopping these days...because she gets her clothes another way entirely. She said, "I'm trying not to shop anymore...I've gotten in the habit of making phone calls when I see something and saying, 'Please, when that comes in, can you send it?'" Not too bad, right?






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