Kate Hudson on Glee

Kate Hudson Shows Off Sexy Dance Moves on the Glee Set

Kate Hudson showed off her legs dancing on set.

Glee creator Ryan Murphy shared a sexy photo of Kate Hudson dancing on set yesterday. He's been snapping pictures of the show's stars in preparation for the Sept. 13 season premiere. Last month, Ryan showed Kate posing with Lea Michele while they were in character, adding, "Ms. Lea Michele and Kate Hudson on the NYADA set. Kate had chandelier approval."

Kate is guest starring in six episodes during Glee's fourth season. She'll be playing Cassandra July, Rachel's dance teacher at her new performing arts school. Another A-list star to join the cast this year is Sarah Jessica Parker. She's portraying a Vogue editor, and was recently spotted meeting up with the actual Vogue editor in chief, Anna Wintour, in NYC.

Source: Fox

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