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Kate Hudson in January Vogue

Kate Vogues With Ryder's Help

Kate Hudson looks smiley as usual on the cover of January Vogue, but posing with mini-me Ryder inside is even better. Check out his pouty pose and matching fedora — already the brooding rocker in training. In the article, Kate's still talking about her divorce from Chris, but also adds a few tidbits about working with Matthew McConaughey and speaks up about Owen Wilson. Here are highlights:

  • On getting a divorce: “The most difficult thing I’ve ever done in my life. The process of discovering with somebody that you love that you don’t… work is so painful. And thank goodness I did it with Chris… We helped each other through it. Now we’re both single and since the day we separated, we talk multiple times."
  • On Matthew McConaughey: “We’re like brother and sister! We seem to drive each other crazy in a good way. Matthew kind of puts it perfectly when he says that we fight well and flirt well, and we’re perfect pains in each other’s ass.”
  • On Owen Wilson: "Owen is such a lovely person, and I love him dearly. And I wish him beautiful things — health and everything that he desires in life.”

To read more about what Kate had to say about pregnancy and filming in Australia, just read more

  • On shooting Fool’s Gold in Australia: “It was a really interesting time for me. It was right when Chris and I were getting divorced, and I didn’t want to be so far away, because it was hard for us. And it was the first time I sent Ryder to be with Chris while I was working, and that was definitely difficult. But it was probably the best experience I’ve had to date, in terms of everything as a whole.”
  • On gaining 70 pounds during pregnancy: “I would be eating ice cream and my mom would literally pry the spoon away from me, saying, ‘You’ve had enough to last you a lifetime.’”

Kate clearly cares about all the men in her life, but at the end of the day, her little twinsie always wins.




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