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Kate Hudson Just Wants to Make Out

Kate Hudson looked typically sunny on the set of Bride Wars in Boston today. She hasn't had her little man Ryder by her side for the past few weeks, but he's never far from her thoughts. In fact, she recently talked to London's Sunday Times about wanting No. 2, or at least a good make out session. Here are highlights:

  • On getting back out there: "I need to find that 18-year-old in me again, who was way more adventurous when it came to kissing boys. I’m not really like that any more...I would love nothing more than to have a good, honest make-out sesh, but I find it really hard, because I’m a mom, and I have no interest in being someone who is out, acting at all like that.”
  • On Goldie and Kurt: “It’s their silver anniversary. Twenty-five years of not being married. It works. They go through their stuff just like everybody else, but they are so happy. A wedding never made it any better or worse. It’s awesome.”
  • On feeling restricted being a mom: “Well, I am restricted. The question is, does it bother me? And it doesn’t at all. I’m a mom and that’s my first priority. There are a lot of people who say, ‘Do you know what I did for you? Have you any idea about the things I gave up?’ I could never be like that. I can’t wait to have more. I’m at that place when I’m ready to have another one and Chris and I are not together. I’m like, ‘Oh no! Uh-oh! I’m ready.’ ...Any guy I ever meet is always going to come second to my son. And you get to weed out the boys from the men. You definitely know which ones are the boys.”

While I think she's found her man to make out with for the time being, there's no baby on the way just yet. Whenever it happens, we'll be happy to see Kate with another little long haired little one.










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